by Biofoodcare PRO

Optimum nutrition is a key factor of successful performance!

In the highly competitive world of professional sports, all systems of the human organism are placed under tremendous levels of stress. The mechanism regulating the metabolism of human energy is the critical factor that affects the performance and recovery. Optimization of the biological pathways that produce, sustain and regulate human energy is the primary focus of this system. The main elements I focus on when working with individual athletes or teams are as follows:

Energy production and conservation

Both energy and metabolic waste rapidly produced by muscular exertion. In order to support high efficiency of this cycle, nutrient delivery and proper tissue detoxification is crucial. I examine the athlete's particular biochemistry and goals to determine the best regimen.

Maintaining mental focus and emotional stability

The thought patterns, emotional state and mind physiology greatly affect athlete's biochemistry and therefore performance. The use of methods of meditation, mental relaxation and sleeping techniques condition the mind of an athlete and prevent unnecessary errors when it truly matters - in time of competition.

Post competition recovery

By focusing on clearing the metabolic waste, improving circulation, restoration of the lost nutrients with Culinary Sports Nutrition program, and maintaining a sound mental condition, athletes are capable of achieving rapid recovery.

Nutritional support in post injury recovery

With skillful use of specific nutrient dense food, timing of it's intake and the art of Culinary Sports Nutrition post injury rehabilitation time can be shortened dramatically.

Hydro therapies

This therapy simultaneously attends to mind and body, making it one of the most effective recuperation techniques.

Massage and body work

Manipulation of circulatory and lymphatic systems is an effective management of metabolic waste and nutrient delivery.

Off-season nutrition regimen, training and recovery

Proper physical and mental maintenance in the off-season assures the athletes of the successful progress in the following season.

The importance of proper nutrition designed for the individual athlete's biochemistry cannot be overlooked. A nutritional regimen designed for the specific physical training routine and adequate resting has proven to be a winning combination on many occasions. Whether you are in the middle of the competitive season or off-season recuperation, contact Biofoodcare today to set up your own winning routine!

By Eli Katz, NC, HHP

Sports Nutrition