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Being healthy should taste as good as it feels!

Most people think of healthy eating as a tiring, overcomplicated experience that comes at an exuberant price. Much of today's media is making it even more confusing, with the bombardment of constant changes in dietary trends. At the end of the day, YOU, the consumer, hungry and overwhelmed, are heading to the familiar fast food joint to get your daily dose of mystery grub, that can hardly be called food. This unfortunate pattern is likely to lead to the state of dis-ease, a compromised lifestyle and premature aging.

If health is at the top of your list, if you are interested in an inspiring lifestyle with no physical or emotional limitations, it is most important that you examine your daily food regimen. Food is one of the most influential factors in our lives. The majority of our biochemical interaction with the outside world is carried out via the food. Thus, depending on how we use it, the food we eat is capable of rebuilding and supporting or destroying our body and our lives.

The Culinary Nutrition branch of Biofoodcare was created to help you out of the abyss of mindless, self destructive eating and morbid fear of pretentious "health food". It aims to turn your daily grub to inspired eating. It delivers everything you expect from an elegant dining experience at your favorite restaurant plus the feeling of true health at the end of the meal. Culinary Nutrition is a blend of craft and science; a skillful artistry of honest food making and the laws of molecular nutrition. It is tailored to your particular biochemistry and designed to enhance your chosen lifestyle. It is beautiful and delicious, it is sexy and healthy all at the same time!

By Eli Katz, NC, HHP

Culinary Nutrition


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