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My name is Eli Katz. I am a founder of BioFoodCare, a holistic wellness company.
I was introduced to the concept of healing and nourishment with food from the early days of my childhood. My grandmother was the executive chef and clinical nutritionist at the most advanced trauma and orthopedics clinic in Eastern Europe. She was an altruistic woman and used only the methods of healing with food and other natural remedies which she knew were effective and had no unnecessary side effects. The many tried and tested techniques she used came from the wisdom of the healing art preserved and developed by many generations of the native healers of Eastern Europe. I was fortunate to be around to witness and absorb this approach to healing with culinary traditions and other natural therapies. I have since used those pearls of wisdom in working with my own health and the health of my clients.

I have spent many years diligently researching many aspects of human nutrition, human physiology, psychology, spirituality, cosmology and how closely interrelated they all are. I studied both formally and by observing the countless journeys of healing and transformation of my own, my clients and the clients of many other successful practitioners.
Early on I sensed that there is no such thing as a "magic bullet". I understood that the knowledge of what it takes for the human organism to perform at its optimum level must come from nature's own intelligence. This realization and my insatiable quest for knowledge inspired the creation of BioFoodCare.

Being an integral part of nature, the human organism is governed by the same laws that govern the universal nature of all that exists. The true cause of physiological, emotional or psychological discomfort and illness comes from ignoring these laws.

Understanding and internalizing the state of holistic well-being is only possible by experiencing it. BioFoodCare is a guidance system that assures successful realization of this experience.
The dynamic approach of this powerful system combines the wisdom and practice of ancient cultures with the latest research and emerging scientific data. BioFoodCare is flexible, fun and easy to adopt. It is not exclusive and is available to anyone who wishes to undertake the fascinating journey of healing through total awareness and self-discovery.

BioFoodCare offers the following powerful methods of personal transformation:

The Inner Work

Understanding conscious and subconscious processing and recognizing resulting behavior patterns. Mental and emotional transformation, removal of blockages. Deprogramming. Creating an environment of healthy motivation and calm, peaceful energy. Understanding the true nature of spirituality. Understanding the concept of one's purpose.

Nutritional Guidance

Holistic Nutrition counseling: customized nutrition program that provides daily nourishment for the whole organism.
Sports Nutrition counseling: What to eat and when to eat it to achieve the ultimate performance.
Facilitate a successful healing process with the optimum food choices for individual goals and biochemistry.
The true Anti-aging lifestyle nutrition.

Exercise Physiology

Whether your goal is to lose few pounds, gain few pounds, or transform your body into the able, beautiful and responsive mechanism it can be, BioFoodCare will help you realize which method of exercise is most suitable for your body in order to achieve your goal. Understanding what food is best to support your goal and when to eat it is crucial. This timely, intelligent approach to exercise will save you money and countless hours of frustration at the gym.

Being healthy should taste as good as it feels!

In addition to consulting on an hourly basis, I offer various culinary nutrition, holistic wellness, and performance optimization programs which can be customized in duration and intensity specifically for your individual needs. It will be my pleasure to help you achieve your chosen wellness and lifestyle goals! Don't hesitate to get in touch!